Year in Review: The Pandemic Style Edition

I can hardly believe we're closing in on the end of 2020. I don't know about you, but this has been the fastest-slowest year ever. At times it felt like we were moving through molasses, and on the other hand, I'm pretty sure it was March, then July, then November. 

How has your pandemic time warp been?

One thing I've been reflecting on is how my style and my thoughts about what I wear have shifted this year. 

Let me take you on a little journey:

Stage 1: It's a Pandemic. Considering getting a "Loungewear 4ever " tattoo. Also, Introverts were made for pandemics. Just ask Majimbo.

Stage 2: Loungewear is making me sad. I like the comfort but not the low-key depression. But I'm still not putting on jeans and you can't make me.

Stage 3: Keep it comfy, but also cute. Festive Fridays were born: Put on a cute top and glam it up with makeup on Fridays.

Stage 4: The Housedress. Plus, more cute tops. And more makeup. (Doing my face, even a 5-minute face a few times a week...

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