Girl, Everything is Already Political

identity mindset style Nov 16, 2020

Originally written 11-8-2020

Whew, what a week? Am I right?!

The emotions of the week finally caught up to me and I passed out hard on the couch before bedtime. 

I don't know about you, but my emotions are mixed. I am 1000% overjoyed at the final result of this election, and having actual competent adults in the Office again, but the closeness of this race and the fact that the vast majority of white voters voted in 2020 exactly the way they did in 2016 is staggering. 

And please don't get me started on the 55% of white women who voted for a white supremacist agenda. Please. There is work to do.

All that to say, if you are newer here, or if you've been hanging tough with me for a while, then you know that my identity is never divorced from my calling and my profession as a stylist and a confidence coach. 

I believe that when any of us fully step into our power, we're able to do so because of the work we put in to recognize and appreciate...

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