Your Style Roadmap to 3 Key Fall Trends

jeans style trends Nov 16, 2020


Let's jump into these fall trends, shall we?

Move over skinnies, there are some new jeans on the block!

It took me yearrrrrs to get on board with skinny jeans. I was definitely Team #you'llnevertakeawaymytrousercutpants for a long time. But when high-waisted + skinny came out, I gave them a go. 

I still stand by skinnies being super flattering on just about everybody type. High waist is key for most of us there. 

But if you're looking for some variety since life might be feeling so monotonous right now, I hear you. 

This cute little link from Target shows all the styles I'm talking about. Check it out here for a visual on my breakdown below. 

We've got new straight-leg styles with a more modern cut through the hips and thighs  - great for just about everyone. If you're on the petite side, consider a platform slip-on sneaker or booties to give you some height back. 

Itty bitty bootcuts as well as flares are back again. Try them with longer tunic styles and a pendant necklace for more of a relaxed vibe, or tuck in a drapey silk-esque shirt or cami to elevate your look.

Wide-leg styles have been gaining in popularity both in denim and in pants since last fall. This trend is the trickiest - if you carry most of your proportions in your hips and thighs, a wide leg style can make you look a bit more boxy than you are. Keep your curves looking great with a stacked heel bootie, even if it's not super high in height. 

I went live talking all about 5 jeans silhouettes, what body types they'll flatter, and how to style them here

I also gave a rundown on two more key trends for fall:

Animal print and Sleeve/neckline details in tops. 

Go-to, neutral prints are re-imagined in really wearable ways for this fall, and flutter sleeves and ruched necklines are all the rage to give your basic work or dress tops a little more flair.

I promise that no matter what your pandemic style is looking like these days, you'll learn a tip or two to incorporate into your style game and go after that level up that keeps us all sane when things are feeling tough.

How we feel about how we look and feel (I know, so meta!) is important, and with the right stylist in your corner, ahem, you've got the tools you need to give yourself a little boost when you need one.

Til next time,

xx, Brandi

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