My 3 Tips For Shopping Online Sales

mindset style Jan 12, 2021

Do you ever feel like the clothing sales are never-ending? Because I certainly feel like that and I am ALWAYS falling hard for a good sale.

Ann Taylor has been a favorite lately.

Yes, Ann Taylor. What, AT not at the top of the list of where you think a professional stylist shops? That's the beauty of shopping for fit and knowing your style personality -- I can shop almost anywhere and make it #fashun, and I can teach you to do the same.  

Here are my tips for shopping a retailer full of basics that are sometimes short on style, and coming out on top:

  1. Figure out a plan before you shop

When you're looking through a site full of basics, it's way too easy to default into getting one more black cardigan (that you probably don't need) than pushing your style. For example, I'll decide to look for cozy sweaters with interesting details for Zoom (and life!), or comfortable pants that pull on but still look polished. Get specific!

  1. Ignore the prices

If you're anything like me, tops become much more attractive when they're on sale. It's like appetizers at happy hour. Did you even want potato skins before you sat down? No, but how are you not going to get the sampler platter at that price? Also, remember happy hour? Me neither.

I digress. 

Evaluate something based on the pictures and the fit. It's all on sale, so don't let how discounted it is skew your decision-making into letting something come home that's just ok. You are better than just ok. 

  1. Visualize your most 🔥 self wearing it

This one may seem silly, or maybe you already do this. Most of us don't. We look at the piece, see the model, like it well enough, see if it's in our size, and then add it to the cart. 

But when you think about your life being lived to its fullest, and I don't care how casual or pandemic loungewear the context is, does your vision of yourself in this piece inspire badassery or monotony?

What we put on our bodies is incredibly personal, and we often don't give enough credence to how meaningful those choices are. So as you navigate sales pages, close your eyes, picture yourself in your everyday life in that piece, and know you're going to feel like you were made for every moment ahead when you wear it. You deserve that. 

And no, this is not reserved for "fancy clothes" - you should be able to look at a sweatshirt online and if the fit and style are right, be like, Girrrrl we about to look good! 

Need help putting the pieces together with your style? Start here with the waitlist for my Ultimate Closet Edit course. I'm covering evvvvverything, from when to edit your closet, how to sort and shop your own closet, and how to get over the guilt of having things you're not wearing and move on to the happiness that comes from making your wardrobe work for you, and not the other way around. 

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Til next time, 



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